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Vintage the Barbershop Atlanta. Man walking by.
Vintage the Barbershop Atlanta

The Vintage Barbershop is tucked inside the historic Healy Building in downtown Atlanta. The Healy Building was built in 1913 and was the first skyscraper erected in Georgia after the Civil War. The current owner of Vintage Barbershop, Herbert Williams, purchased the barbershop in 2004 from the previous owner and barber, Bill White. When Mr. Williams opened Vintage he was dedicated to preserve the history of the barbershop and maintained the original vintage decor and accents. 

Our mission here at vintage is to actively attract and recruit community builders and leaders of all walks of life under one roof while supplying a quality hair service in a mature environment. We believe that the barber shop is one of the first instruments of building a strong resourceful community. From a informal local level town hall meeting to a global network of change, barber shops have been key to that cornerstone in the community. Vintage aims to give you more than just a great hair cut.


Mr. Herbert Williams, who bought the shop from the original owner, Bill White, in 2004 said he had a vision for the historic property once he laid eyes on it. His love for his profession as a barber coupled with his admiration for historic preservation made this business venture one that he could not refuse. 

Mr. Williams began collecting items for the shop piece by piece. Vintage was born. The shop has such an authentic look that it’s almost like a movie set and has been used in many movies to date.

Someone said upon meeting Williams for the first time, the first thing that stood out was his full, neatly trimmed beard and his relaxed but precise manner of speaking with a joyful deep laugh. He's friendly and his character is inviting. I can't wait to go back to Vintage!


Owner and operater Herbert Williams of Vintage the Barbershop Atlant.

Downtown on the Rise By Collin Kelley - Editor


Historic Healey Building in Atlanta Fairlie-poplar district.
Historic Healey Building in Atlanta Fairlie-poplar district.

There's an old-school feel to Vintage that goes beyond its name. It sits on the ground floor of the Healey Building, one of several imposing turn-of-the-century skyscrapers along Forsyth Street in Atlanta's Fairlie-Poplar district. This historic area is filled with art deco and neoclassical architecture, which is out of place in a city seemingly committed to erecting sleek, modern high-rises in every available space.

The 16-story building was completed in 1914, at the end of Atlanta's first skyscraper era (1893-1918). Constructed of stone and embellished with terra-cotta, the wide, rectangular building achieves its vertical appearance from clustered piers which rise uninterrupted from the two-story base to the cornice.

According to Dr. Elizabeth Lyon in her National Register of Historic Places nomination, "The Healey Building has an elegance and high shouldered dignity which make it outstanding among its contemporaries."

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